David James

Acrylic on canvas

Former England goalkeeper and keen artist David James felt moved by the efforts of the NHS and wanted to create something to thank and support them, he has kindly donated this painting to the exhibition.  He says: “I have family who are currently nurses and my mum and dad worked with the NHS too. I know how difficult their jobs are normally, the current climate is the toughest they have faced in generations.”

James has carefully constructed the composition of the panting to include symbolic motifs and emblems of the various services, to faithfully represent the wide range of people that make up the support systems that have been working so hard during the pandemic.  There are insignia from the Paramedics, Army Medical Corp, the Ambulance service, Fire service and the Red Cross.  The snowdrop flowers that rise above each of the nurses are a symbol of hope, and if you look closely you can see the three emergency phone numbers subtly included in the decorative design.