Thank you!

Imperial Health Charity is proud to present Thank you! - an exhibition of art applauding the incredible work of our hospitals and those throughout the country keeping us going during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The swell of support for the NHS during the pandemic has manifested in all sorts of unusual ways and people are showing their gratitude and love for the NHS using many creative outputs. This has resulted in an explosion of artwork, poetry, photographs and more as people use art to articulate their feelings during this time, cheer themselves up or to communicate in a socially distant world. 

This is a defining moment for the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, and the history of the health service as a whole, and we felt that this body of work should be celebrated.

Thank you! presents a joyous and hopeful collection of art that has been created to raise money, brighten up our streets or purely to show gratitude and unity in a vibrant, visual way.

With this exhibition we aim to offer hope and praise to those who have worked tirelessly over these past few months caring for the sick and saving lives. It is a reminder to reflect with true pride on how our hospitals have faced profound pressure and hardship, and the love the public have expressed for our NHS staff.

We would like to thank all the artists featured and partner organisations who have worked with us to make this happen.