Celebrating our Volunteers with our Summer Thank You Event

Celebrating our Volunteers with our Summer Thank You Event

07 June 2024

Celebrating our Volunteers with our Summer Thank You Event
It’s National Volunteers Week and last night we celebrated with some of our 936 volunteers. The evening consisted of catching up, live music, good food, along with handing out well-deserved awards.

Over the last year, volunteers have collectively contributed 31,873 hours across our hospitals. They have provided directions to patients, handed out meals and offered support in times of uncertainty.

With over 11,000 shifts attended, it was only right that we celebrated their achievements and contributions. The evening started with drinks and mingling before welcome speeches from our Head of Volunteering, Chris.

We then welcomed Imperial Charity CEO, Ian Lush to the stage to say a few words before being joined by A&E Consultant, Sarah Finlay who played some classical music for the volunteers on the bassoon and grand piano.

Imperial Health Charity CEO, Ian shared, “Volunteers are a vital part to our hospitals.

“They offer a selfless service and are constantly going above and beyond for our patients and staff. We cannot thank them enough for their generous contributions, it’s so wonderful to see that these individuals continue to support their local community.”

Director of Engagement and Experience, Michelle Dixon said, “I would like to thank the amazing resurgence of volunteering following the pandemic.

The Trust is hugely grateful for the commitment, kindness and expertise of our volunteers and we are excited by the opportunities ahead, especially for really connecting with and supporting our local communities.”

To finish off the evening we handed out our 2024 Make a Difference Awards along with 30 hours, 100 hours, one year and five years in service awards.

If you’ve had a great experience with an Imperial Health Charity volunteer that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know by getting in touch at info@imperialcharity.org.uk or tagging us on Twitter or Instagram!