Nominate a volunteer for a Make a Difference Volunteering Award

As a volunteer, you’re a valued part of our NHS family and play an essential role in helping our hospitals do more. That’s why we want to recognise those of you who have gone above and beyond to provide an outstanding contribution through our Make a Difference Volunteering Awards.

These awards recognise the incredible achievements and positive behaviours demonstrated by all our volunteers. The award categories are aligned with the Trust's four values: Kind, Aspirational, Expert and Collaborative.

If you receive an award, you'll be presented with a Make a Difference certificate and a special pin badge.


How can I nominate a volunteer for an award?

If you’re a member of NHS staff or a volunteer at Imperial College Healthcare NHS
Trust, you can nominate a volunteer for a Make a Difference Volunteering Award.

The four awards are:


The Kind award recognises those volunteers who always introduce themselves, have a smile on their face, step in to help, make time for meaningful interactions and show real empathy with our patients and staff. Perhaps you know that one volunteer who always goes above and beyond to show real kindness to your patients?


The Aspirational award is for those volunteers who put themselves forward. They’re a role model for new volunteers, and they share thoughtful ideas and feedback about improving our services. They’re the volunteers who really champion our volunteers and our hospitals. They’re out there in their volunteer uniform promoting the NHS and volunteering in the local community.


Those volunteers who demonstrate our Expert value have a thirst to further their knowledge and be the best volunteer they can be. They’re the volunteers who are first to sign up for training and keep themselves up to date with news from around the hospital. They’re also up for getting involved in improvement projects within their team.


Volunteers who embody our Collaborative value have quickly built relationships with the staff and other volunteers in their team. They take an active interest in their colleagues and are sure to keep them informed about changes, share information from patients and other areas of the hospital. When things change, they take the initiative to inform the people who need to know.

Feeling inspired by someone you've volunteered with at our hospitals? Click the button below to nominate them for a Make a Difference Volunteering Award.

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